Jamie Lynn Spears baby pictures.


Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are the newest set of parents in the celebrities circle. There are rumors on where and when their first set of baby pictures on Maddie Briann would appear.

The price of prestigious baby photographs may vary from 5 to 7 figures. There were guesses on the names of the magazines that may be willing to fork out the cash for the privilege of having the first set of Maddie Briann pictures. The fee would be closer to a sum belonging to a 7 figure amount.

Meanwhile, Us magazine has tried to analyze the name, Maddie Briann. A baby name expert, Pam Satran, said that the name Maddie is short for Madeline, which means high/ mighty. Maddie is a 1980s style of nickname. Briann would be a feminine version of Brian and in Irish, it means “strong.” Thus, Maddie Briann would mean “mighty strong.”

Sources: Us, article.



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