Is Regina Lasko married to David Letterman?


David Letterman, Regina Lasko & Harry Letterman. UPDATE! Read more on Regina Lasko and David Letterman’s wedding and see more Regina Lasko pictures here!

Celebrity rumor and gossip.

There are a few topics that David Letterman has refused to speak about and one of them is Regina Lasko.

Update! David Letterman has married Regina Lasko! Read more here! Regina is David’s girlfriend. They met in 1989 and have been together ever since. They started staying together in 2001 and they have a son named Harry. They live in North Salem, New York.

David Letterman is a successful TV host with a good sense of humor. It may surprise people to learn that David and Regina have been together for about 19 years. The rumor has been circulating on the internet that David Letterman had married Regina Lasko long ago. It was supposed to explain why the couple has been together for so long.

Regina Lasko works as a production manager but there are almost no readily available photos of her online.

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