Heidi Klum talks about kids in Redbook July 2008.


Heidi Klum took her kids to West Village in New York. Heidi and her mother, Erna, accompanied the children and the kids were seen enjoying themselves with outdoor play.

Heidi’s daughter, Leni, resembles Heidi in looks. She was spotted wearing a small butterfly shaped tattoo. Seal, on another of his outings, used his camera and videocam on the paparazzi. He turned the tables on them.

Heidi is featured in Redbook magazine, in their July 2008 issue. She said that she would not stop at two kids. She reminded the interviewer that celebrities had chores and lead normal lives like everyone else. Heidi and Seal enjoyed their time with the children. When they went to Disneyland, they had their faces painted and enjoyed themselves as much as their kids did.

Sources: article, pics.



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