Heather Locklear made a “gang” sign.


Heather Locklear was said to be drunk during the weekend. She was leaving Coco de Ville nightclub in Hollywood. Just before being assisted into her car, she made a “gang” sign as a departing last shot at the paparazzi.

Some gossips said that the gangs might not let her go on that one. Heather is older than the generation who uses gang signs. She thought she was cool when she made the sign.

Heather has a few movies in the works. They are ““ See Jayne Run, Flirting With 40 and Flying By. We shall get to know more about them when the promotions start for these movies.

Source: celebs.


  1. No… That is a gang sign. It stands for Neighborhood, or Westside Neighborhood Rollin' Sixty Crip for those who don't know.

  2. Since when is that considered a gang sign?? Ohhh someone did this now it means that. Find something ACTUALLY worth reporting, instead of having to dissect and twist a picture. kthanksbye.


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