Haylie Duff & Sam Huntington in new movie “Tug.”


Haylie Duff & Hilary Duff.

Haylie Duff, the elder sister of Hilary Duff, will act in a new film called “Tug.” Her co-star will be Sam Huntington. Both celebrities have signed to work in the new movie.

Tug is about the story of a man in Michigan who is torn between two women. The man will be played by Sam Huntington. He has difficulty choosing between his present girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend. The ex will be played by Haylie Duff.

The director of this movie is Abram Makowka. The film will be shot on location in Michigan. In April, Michigan passed a film tax incentive law to encourage the making of films in this State. “Tug” is one of the pioneer projects to be filmed in Michigan since this new law is in place.

Source: news.


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