Ranae Shrider: Girl in Verne Troyer’s “Mini Me” Sex Tape


Ranae Shrider, Verne Troyer\'s Girl in Sex Tape

The girl in Verne Troyer’s “Mini Me’s” Sex Tape, his co-star, has been identified as Ranae Shrider. UPDATE: Verne Troyer suing Ranae Shrider for abuse, read more here.

Sources say the girl in Verne Troyer’s sex tape is Ranae Shrider, 22, an aspiring model from Kentucky. Her little white dog named Lacey is her first love, but she seems to have a thing for little people as well. She has gone where most girls wouldn’t dare… to having sex with “Mini Me”.

“Mini Me”, Verne Troyer and his former girlfriend, Ranae Shrider, made the sex tape at their apartment and somehow someone got their dirty little hands on it!

There has been no deal made as of yet on the right to the sex video, but TMZ is reporting there is a $100k offer from SugarDVD to distribute that tape. You would think it would be worth…. ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Which brings to question, is everything “little” on Verne Troyer? Or are some things normal sized? We’ll have to view the sex tape to find out, but then you will want to poke your eyes out with a stick.

View Ranae Shrider, girl in Verne Troyer’s sex tape scandal’s photos below.

Images: TMZ

Source: news


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