Gavin Rossdale “Mr. Gwen Stefani” on Being a Father


    Gavin Rossdale

    The deliciously gorgeous Gavin Rossdale recently opened up to People magazine about becoming a Daddy for the second time.

    It seems this guy has the world at his feet! Gavin is married to the sex-goddess, Gwen Stefani, and he has a new solo album out. And now in his personal life, he has his second baby due soon. This will be a baby brother or sister to Gavin’s little look-alike, Kingston.

    Rossdale opened up to People on being a dad, “You have to relinquish all self-importance.” “It’s not a bad thing. You don’t have time to think about yourself. I used to wallow in introspection. I don’t have time to be that guy now.”

    Gavin will have his hands full in both his professional and personal life. Little Kingston recently turned 2, and his second child with Gwen Stefani, 38, is due this summer. Rossdale just released his solo album, Wanderlust, this month.

    Rossdale reflects on life before his son, Kingston, and said, “I’d been around babies 12 minutes my entire life. I didn’t read any books. And we had friends of ours who were like, ‘You guys are crazy, you’ve got to read books.'”

    But Rossdale says, “It’s so natural you just fall into it and you find your way. It’s terrifying and exciting and brilliant.”

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    1. I think you mean becoming a father for the THIRD TIME. He doesn't recognize his first illigitimate (sp?) daughter who is 15 or so. I think he's a SCHMUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


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