Fiona Shackleton to handle Madonna’s divorce.


Some gossip websites have written that Madonna hired Fiona Shackleton to handle her divorce from her husband, Guy Ritchie.

Shackleton had represented many celebrities like the Prince Charles and Sir Paul McCartney. Madonna was said to have chosen her because of her respect for Shackleton’s track record.

Sources reported that Madonna had met Shackleton in April to discuss about her imminent divorce with Guy Ritchie. It was rumored that the Material Girl did not have a pre-nuptial agreement. She could stand to lose at least $100 million out of her $600 million fortune.

Guy Ritchie was rumored to have consulted Forsters, a London firm that specializes in divorce cases. Ritchie’s friends said that he would not wish to profit from a divorce and was trying for a last minute solution. That would be difficult since Madonna was reportedly in New York, while Ritchie remained in the UK.

Source: news.



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