Matt Neustadt “Farmer Wants a Wife” Finale: Brooke Ward Wins!


Farmer, Matt in Farmer Wants a Wife

For seven episodes, we’ve watched as Farmer Matt Neustadt narrowed down his list of potential spouses. And Wednesday night, he makes his final choice on the season finale of “Farmer Wants a Wife”.

Matt Neustadt had finally narrowed down his choices last week, eliminating both Amanda and Kanisha from the competition. Now there were just two “city girls” to decide between, and find the perfect farmer’s wife.

Farmer Matt had the girls do many challenges along the way such as chasing and crating chickens, milking goats, and yucky ones such as determining pregnancy in cattle. He obviously wanted to see which of the city girls could cut it as the wife of a farmer.

Tonight on the season finale, there is only Brooke Ward from Texas left and Christa from New York. Both ladies go on a date with Matt alone, with Brooke’s being an afternoon date of riding 4 wheelers, and Krista’s date being more elegant, riding in a horse-drawn carriage to a nice dinner at Matt’s home.

During Brooke’s date, she wanted so badly to let Matt know of her feelings towards him, but was too afraid of rejection. While Christa seemed quite confident that she was the one that would become the young farmer’s wife.

The two remaining ladies, Brooke and Christa, get all dolled up for the finale where almost the entire little town is gathered in their front yard of the home in which they are staying.

The ladies brace themselves as Matt tells them how much he appreciated them being there, and lets them know that a crop duster plane will be flying overhead with the name of the special lady he has chosen to be his wife.

Both ladies could barely stand to look as the plane flew overhead, but there it was saying “Matt Loves Brooke”. Brooke was already in tears and you could tell she was quite surprised. Christa tried to retain her dignity as she said her goodbye to Matt. She obviously thought she “had it in the bag”.

The end of the finale shows Matt Neustadt driving off on his tractor with his choice for a wife, Brooke.

UPDATE: See interview after the Farmer Wants a Wife show ended with Matt and Brooke here.

See the video of the “Farmer Wants a Wife” finale here.

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  1. 7/18/2009
    I have not seen or heard an update as to whether or not Matt & Brooke are still growing in their relationship toward marriage, or have they stopped dating? They are probably tired of all of the media attention. I would like for them to know I felt from the beginning that she and he have great chemistry and spark. And, I was happy for Brooke when the banner read, “Matt loves Brooke” and proud for Matt in his choice.
    With all of that;it would be sad to hear they have separated forever. But most importantly, I desire what is best for both. 31 years in marriage has not always been happy for my husband and me, but I cannot imagine having endured the hardships, and rough tough going with anyone else. Nor can I imagine the adventurous future without him.

    God bless them both,


  2. What about today? are Matt & Brooke together? The show was titled "farmer wants a wife", so are there wedding bells to be heard?

    Where is Matt & his family in relation to all the storms we are getting? Are they okay?

  3. OMG YES! I was praying that brooke would win the whole show. she’s such a sweetheart from what i have seen on the show. You two will be great together.

    God bless the both of you Samantha

  4. OMG YES, like i knew that brook was ganna win and with her acsent and stuff i knew that matt would pick her like i loved the show and i was also routing for brook day one also… i will pray for you and i hope everything works out real well

    🙂 anastasia

  5. I feel if I already know you two. I think you both would be great freinds. Please keep us all updated on how things work out. I was praying for you Brooke since day one!!!

    God bless you both Michelle

  6. i loved this show!! it was so cool and the eliminations were a hoot!! did matt and brooke really get married? is the show returning in the fall with a new farmer and new group of girls?


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