Erin Brodie’s Dr. Will Kirby offers a dog.


Dr. Will Kirby in his office.

Erin Brodie, the celebrity from the reality TV show ” For Love Or Money”, has a friend named Dr. Will Kirby. He was the celebrity doctor who won Big Brother 2. He was also one of the four final contestants in “Big Brother 7: All Stars.”

Dr. Will Kirby is an osteopathic physician. In his free time, he was searching for a home for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. This puppy was born without eyes.The puppy was 6 weeks old and found abandoned at a vet’s clinic. Dr. Kirby has volunteered to foot the bill for the adoption fees and the first vet checkup.

The puppy is available for adoption at the Yorkshire Terrier Club of Los Angeles (YTCLA). People who are interested in the adoption should email the club at their address found in their website. The club has appealed for other adoptions and donations. The website is listed in the source.

Source: YTCLA.

News Source: TMZ.

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