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Elizabeth Hurley was rumored to have had an affair with married actor and comedian, Denis Leary. The two denied the affair saying they were just friends.

Bringing to light the affair rumor once more, is a novel written by Denis Leary’s wife, Ann Lembeck-Leary, featuring a character very similar to Elizabeth Hurley.

Ann Leary’s book Out-Takes From A Marriage features a sexy actress who wears skimpy see-through dresses, dates only billionaires and flirts outrageously with her co-stars.

The description seems to closely fit Hurley, as she wore a revealing Versace safety-pin dress to the premiere of Four Weddings And A Funeral and also had a son with a billionaire, Steve Bing.

Liz Hurley has been married to Indian businessman Arun Nayar since March 2007.

Leary’s wife Ann, has been married for 19 years, and states that any similarities to Hurley were purely coincidental. Yeah, sure!

Ann Leary does admit to using her own experiences as the wife of a celebrity in writing the book.

In her book, the character, Julia Ferraro, comes upon a suggestive voicemail message from a woman left for her husband Joe, a TV actor. The female character, Julia, watches Joe to discover who the woman is and finds several candidates including Susanna Mercer, an Australian actress.

At first, Julia rules out Susanna but then the actress invites the couple to a party at her home. Mrs Leary writes how Susanna wears a see-through dress showing off her “˜flawless’ body and “˜firmly uplifted breasts’.

Denis Leary, 50, is a close friend of Elizabeth Hurley, and godfather to her six -year- old son, Damian. He also was involved in landing her two films they starred in together, Bad Boy and Double Whammy.

Leary has spoken of Hurley about their long nights talking in Manhattan bars. Denis was quoted as saying, “Mutual friends kept saying, “You guys should hook up, you’d get on really well”. The truth is, she’s got a lot of Irish blood in her, like a lot of the girls I grew up with, and the first time we met, we ended up in one of my favorite Irish bars in New York, talking music trivia.”

This character sounds very similar to Elizabeth Hurley, but Leary’s wife still denies it is based on Elizabeth. Ann told The Mail on Sunday: “˜I can see how people would think I was talking about our dear friend Elizabeth. But in fact Susanna was a small character I created, who was not based on Elizabeth Hurley at all.’

No comments from Elizabeth Hurley or Denis Leary on the book.

Do you think this is Ann Leary’s way of healing in writing the book or a way to “get back” at Elizabeth Hurley?

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