Don Imus comments on Adam “Pacman” Jones on radio.


Don Imus committed another one of his famous faux pas on radio. He was chatting about football to his co-host when he asked about Adam “Pacman” Jones’ race. His co-host gave him a reply and Don returned a retort that suggested he had a preconceived idea about Adam Jones.

National Action Network’s Al Sharpton has made an official statement regarding this latest potentially damaging remark. He assured listeners that the station had been monitoring Don Imus.

Al said that using stereotypes was counter-productive. He would examine this case to determine whether Don’s remark warranted action from the station. WABC has assured radio fans that Don Imus would be answerable to his comments on Tuesday’s show.

Don said that his comments were misunderstood. Pacman Jones said that he would pray for Don.

Source: tmz.



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