DJ Chuck T leaked Lil’ Wayne’s new “The Carter III.”


Daddy Rich (left) and DJ Chuck T.

Lil’ Wayne’s new album, The Carter III, was leaked on the internet on May 30. DJ Chuck T has claimed responsibility for it.

DJ Chuck T made several statements to explain why he leaked the album. He said that Lil’ Wayne had cursed mixtape DJs and he was going to get back at him. Chuck T wanted to defend himself. He said that he had to act.

Lil’ Wayne had given an interview with Foundation magazine where he discredited the mixtape DJ fraternity. Lil’ Wayne had forgotten that he had success with Dedication and The Drought because of the mixtape techniques.

DJ Chuck T has apologized to his friends and associates at Universal and Cash Money Records for causing problems with his free The Carter III download. The album was supposed to be released on June 10.

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Source: defpenradio.


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