“Dirty Dancer” Patrick Swayze Makes His Comeback


    Patrick Swayze

    UPDATE- Patrick Swayze has passed away. Click here for more info.

    Patrick Swayze, an actor best known for his role in Dirty Dancing, is ready to make his comeback in a new show called The Beast.

    The A&E Network plans to go forward with production of the new series starring Patrick Swayze, who discovered he had a life-threatening pancreatic cancer this past year.

    Swayze is to play a FBI veteran that is having to train a new partner, which is played by Travis Fimmel. In this role, Patrick Swayze’s character is being investigated by a top secret Internal Affairs team that wants Mr. Fimmel’s character to gather information on his partner.

    Swayze has received the green light from his physicians to start work on this project. The Hollywood star told People.com exclusively that he is responding well to the treatment for pancreatic cancer, which is allowing him to live a normal full and active life.

    Production begins this summer in Chicago on 13 one-hour episodes. The series is currently scheduled to air in early 2009.

    Patrick SwayzePatrick SwayzePatrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in Dirty DancingPatrick Swayze

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