Diana Bianchi Photos: Teen Girl Involved in Peter Cook & Christie Brinkley Divorce


Diana Bianchi, teen girlfriend of Peter Cook

Diana Bianchi, sexy teen that had an affair with Christie Brinkley’s husband, Peter Cook. Brinkley wants the details of the affair and divorce made public, while Cook wants to keep it all under wraps to protect his reputation.

The Latest! Christy Brinkley and Peter Cook settle divorce case. Brinkley gets sole custody. Read more here.

UPDATE: Diana Bianchi takes to the witness stand Wednesday, July 2nd, to testify about her affair with Peter Cook. View shocking new details and Diana Bianchi photos here.

Here is yet another update, most of you are probably looking for the story on the sex tape so click here.

Christie Brinkley wants to air Peter Cook’s dirty laundry during her upcoming divorce proceedings. Peter Cook is reportedly trying to keep details to his affairs closed, supposedly for the sake of his children. Yeah! He was really worried about them when he was banging the teen girl, Diana Bianchi!

Peter Cook was forced to end his marriage to Christie Brinkley after 10 years due to his affair.

The affair was between Cook and a teenage girl named Diana Bianchi. They met in a toy store and began a sexual relationship about a month later. Diana was only 17 years old at the time.

Christie discovered that her husband was having an affair after reading his emails.

Christie Brinkley has taken the high road and has absolutely nothing to lose, and much to gain from everything coming out during the divorce proceedings.

Cook has everything to lose, in fact there are said to be several other “episodes” that could further damage his reputation.

Update: Diana Bianchi on the witness stand today, view shocking details from today’s trial here.

Photo of Diana Bianchi, Cook\'s teen loverNew photo of Diana Bianchi, left, and friendPeter Cook and Christie BrinkleyDiana Bianchi photo; Diana Bianchi and Peter Cook AffairDiana Bianchi photo; Diana Bianchi and Peter Cook Affair

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