Derek Landy liked Samantha Mumba’s “Boy Eats Girl.”


Samantha Mumba’s movie, “Boy Eats Girl”, was made in 2005. The script was written by Derek Landy, 33. Landy has mentioned “Boy Eats Girl” again in his interview to promote a new work. Landy’s photo is pasted below.

Landy said that Samantha Mumba was funny, fun and cool. The making of Boy Eats Girl was funny because there was a big and young cast. Mumba, 25, is a singer and actress in Ireland.

Landy’s work might become a movie again. Landy, an Irish man, wrote a new screenplay for Skulduggery Pleasant. This was for Warner Brothers. This original plot came from Landy’s first book. His second book was called “Skulduggery Pleasant — Playing with Fire.”

If the response was good for his books and movies, Landy would continue with the series. He had plans to write at least 9 of them.

Source: herald.



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