Danica Mckellar is hot in Heatstroke.


Heatstroke was shown on the Sci Fi channel on Sat. night, May 31. It starred Danica Mckellar. Danica was from the fame of The Wonder Years, the Emmy Award winning TV series.It ran from 1988 ““ 1993. In 2007, the show was repeated on TMF.In Feb. 2008, UK’s ITV3 paid to air the TV series from the beginning.

Heatstroke paired an ex-model with an elite commando. They worked together to reduce global warming. According to their findings, the aliens were the cause of global warming. In order to save the Earth, the humans had to find ways to stop the aliens.

Danica’s other co-stars included D.B. Sweeney, Chris Cleveland and Kelly Rice. If you had missed the TV show, watch out for the repeat telecast.

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Video clip on Heatstroke.



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