Charlie Sheen’s voice mail to Denise Richards.


Charlie Sheen’s voice mail was leaked on the internet and pulled before it circulated. Charlie has mentioned the voice mail again because he was angry that his children did not show up for a custody visit.

Charlie used some strong language in his voicemail. He called his ex-wife Denise Richards names and added a few choice phrases. He has recanted. He released a statement to apologize. He said sorry to Tony Todd, an African American, who was his best man at his first two weddings.

Charlie explained that his children did not show up on a specified date for the custodial visit and he was not given a reason. He said that the reasons for that angry voice mail continued to be present daily.

Denise denied leaking the voice tape. She thought that people were bored with the topic of their divorce and custody battle.

Source: dlisted.



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