Catching up with Kelly LeBrock & Victor Drai.


Kelly LeBrock.

Kelly LeBrock’s husband, Victor Drai, has turned to real estate to build up his fortune. Victor Drai was a Hollywood producer during 1980s. He produced “The Woman In Red”, “Weekend at Bernie’s” and “Folks!”

Victor was a native of Morocco. He had a long relationship with Jacqueline Bisset. He met Kelly LeBrock when she starred in his movie, “The Woman In Red.” They got married soon after that.

Victor Drai’s latest acquisition was a condominium that cost $1.1 million. His property portfolio included “Drai’s On The Strip”, a club and restaurant in the Barbary Coast hotel and casino. Drai’s restaurant started in the 1990s. He opened another restaurant in Las Vegas in 1997, but closed the older restaurant in LA.

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