Britney Spears wants a girlfriend for her brother, Bryan Spears.


Britney Spears and Bryan Spears.

Bryan Spears, 31, is Britney Spears older brother. He is a TV and film producer who lives in New York.

Bryan Spears was mentioned by People magazine as one of the most eligible bachelors available right now. Bryan said in an interview that he preferred a quiet life behind the scenes. He liked to move around as he wished and did not like the paparazzi to tail him.

Bryan said he shared a few similarities with his sister Britney. They were both very sensitive and get hurt easily. Bryan was also appointed as a trustee of Britney’s estate. Although he lived across the country in NY, he was prepared to travel to go to his sister’s aid when she needed him.

It was rumored that Britney was looking for a girlfriend for her brother.

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