Bette Midler saved the day.


Bette Midler made a suggestion that helped to decrease goose poop in Canadian parks and recreational areas like beaches.

Bette Midler had filmed “That Old Feeling” in High Park in 1996. She saw the presence of the over-population of geese. Their droppings caused problems in the park.

Bette decided to take things into her stride. She spoke to the park supervisor, Carol Guy. Bette told her about a New Jersey program where border collies could herd geese away. This would keep the park clean.

Bette and the movie’s producers bought Lucy Goosey, a border collie pup, as a present to park. The program was so successful that as the years went by, other dogs were added to herd geese away from the park.

It has been more than 10 years since the Canadians implemented Bette’s suggestion and they were happy with the results. Bette Midler’s suggestion came through and she saved the day.

Source: news.



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