Ben Kingsley’s “The Whackness” premieres without him.


Sir Ben Kingsley missed the premiere of his latest film, The Wackness. His co-stars who attended were Josh Peck, Olivia Thirlby and Mary-Kate Olsen.

The publicist for The Whackness apologized for Ben Kingsley’s absence. Ben Kingsley was busy with his shooting schedule in Ashecliff, Boston, Massachsetts. His lack of time did not allow him to travel to New York to attend the premiere of The Whackness.

In the interviews, the attention naturally turned to the absentee. Ben’s co-stars spoke highly of him. Josh Peck said that Ben was cool to work with. He said that he tried to get the maximum out of his learning experience with Ben.

Olivia said that Ben behaved like a regal man. He was kind, generous and encouraging. She gushed out praises for Ben, who acted as her step-dad in The Whackness. This movie will be released to the public on August 29.

Source: news.

Watch the trailer: here.



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