Aziz Ansari in new “The Office” spin-off.


Aziz Ansari is on the right.

Aziz Ansari, the star in Human Giant, has been signed up for a show that is a spin-off from “The Office.” The new show has not been named yet.

Universal Media Studios have confirmed that Aziz has a 1 year contract with them. Greg Daniels, an executive producer, said that they have created a good character for him. He was impressed by Aziz’s comic talents.

He used to act in comedy in Shutterbugs on Channel 102. He was talent spotted and picked up by MTV and given a role in Human Giant. His career has been rising ever since. Aziz might appear in another new role. He is supposed to act as one of the new interns in “Scrubs.”

Source: tvsquad.


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