Anne Hathaway Ends Her Relationship With Follieri


Anne Hathaway breaks up with Raffaello Follieri

The beautiful actress of Get Smart ended her four year relationship with Raffaello Follieri over the weekend.

Anne Hathaway, 25, ended her four year relationship with Follieri, the Italian-American businessman, 29, over the weekend.

Scandal seems to have followed Follieri as his charity Follieri Foundation, which funded vaccination programs in poor countries, was being investigated by the Attorney General’s Office in New York.

A source told the Mail Online that Hathaway made this difficult decision to end their relationship because of the effects his questionable business dealings could have on her career.

Anne did serve as a director on the charity board at one time but dropped out. Her rep said, “Since she is no longer associated with the foundation, why would you expect her to be familiar with all of this?,” when questioned on the investigation on Follieri.

It’s being reported that this was a really tough decision for Ann, and a friend said, “It’s heartbreaking for her to dump him, and she’s devastated that it’s come to this, but she really didn’t have a choice. His scandals were hurting her reputation.”

Only time will tell if the two can works things out. The couple split briefly last year after other legal problems plaguing Follieri, who was sued by a former business associate for a bad $215,000 check.

In this case, criminal charges were dropped after he turned himself in and paid the outstanding bill.

Anne and Raffaello also fought often, and a friend of Anne’s said, “They fought so much while Anne was making the movie, she genuinely started to wonder if the relationship was worth all the pain.”

Hathaway reportedly also heard that Follieri was flirting away with other women while she was filming her movies. The source said, “He was very caught up in his social life and making connections in New York, and stories would get back to Anne about his late nights and carousing, usually with models in the immediate vicinity.”

Hathaway was said to have formed a special bond with Get Smart co-star, Steve Carell. Hathway’s friend said, “Anne really wants to find a guy like Steve, and if he weren’t married, I have no doubt she would date him in a second.”

Anne Hathaway is said to be moving to Los Angeles from the East Coast, now that she has ended the relationship with her boyfriend.

Do you think dating Follieri, with all his scandalous business dealings, was hurting Anne’s career?

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  1. She knew about this all along. Four years, and not wonder from where all the money goes to? If couples are truly in love and trust each other, they tell each other everything! Even th worst. trust me, she knew about htis all along.


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