Angelina Jolie Did Not Expect to Fall in Love with Brad Pitt


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie was recently interviewed for Vanity Fair recently and said she thought she would marry someone in another line of work, such as an aid worker. But then Brad came along…

Angelina stated, “Then I met Brad, everything I wasn’t looking for, but the best man, the best father I could possibly wish for, you know?” she adds. “I don’t see him as an actor. I see him very much as a dad, as somebody who loves travel and architecture more than being in movies.”

Before they met, Brad had an interest in humanitarian affairs but became more active when the two got together. Angelina says, “Though he wasn’t as publicly active,” she adds, “I found him to be very aware of the world, very curious, very compassionate. In his private way, he had been doing a lot. When we met, we realized our common goals were that we both wanted to be involved in the world and see what we could do.

“When it comes to common goals “” orphans, orphans’ rights, children “” we support each other,” she goes on. “It brings us together and makes our relationship work.”

Angelina also spoke about her Father, Jon Voight, with whom she has been estranged for quite some time. Jolie had this to say about her dad, “We don’t really have a relationship, but we’re in contact. And wish each other well. I think we’ve realized there’s been too much discussion. Him discussing me publicly. I’ve had to comment on him. I think it’s best that, if we try to have any relationship in the future, we do it quietly.

Angelina also said she had never been able to view her father’s oscar-winning performance in Coming Home.

“Because that was when my father left my mom, and the woman who he cheated on her with is in the film,” Jolie says.

Angelina is expecting twin girls sometime in August with Brad Pitt, adding to their already large multi-cultural family.

Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt and Family.Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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  1. Christine, why is Angelina Jolie a home wrecker, but not Brad Pitt? Is it that women are the only ones who can be held accountable to be moral? Can we hold Brad Pitt to at least half of the blame? If there was cheating, wasn't it his dick doing the fucking?

  2. Does anyone remember that he was married to his Jennifer when they met. That should have meant that he was OFF limits b*tch! Does she think we forget easily. What a F-ing homewrecker!


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