Amy Winehouse Still in Hospital: Cleared of Having Tuberculosis


Amy Winehouse remains in hospital for tests

Amy Winehouse still remains in a London hospital undergoing tests, after a fainting episode days ago.

Amy Winehouse was said to be coughing up blood, as well as her dramatic weight loss, which can be symptoms of tuberculosis. But the test came back negative. Doctors seem to be stumped as to what is wrong with the 24 year-old singer.

Amy’s rep, Chris Goodman told People magazine that the singer just has a chest infection.

Winehouse is hooked up to an iv drip at the London Clinic in Harley Street, and her father Mitch is there at her bedside for support.

A friend of the Winehouse’s said, “Doctors are still struggling to control her heartbeat but the chest condition has been really worrying them”. And added that, “She’d been suffering horrible coughing fits and hurling up blood for a while but refused to be examined. Doctors are doing more tests to be certain. The last thing she needs is to be wheeled on stage. She needs a rest.”

Winehouse, who has battled heroin and crack cocaine addiction, has lost her appetite and has an irregular heartbeat.

Amy’s spokesman insisted she still intends to play Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday concert in Hyde Park on 27 June and the Glastonbury festival the following day.

Amy Winehouse in hospital battling drug addiction and medical issues Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse still plans to perform despite her medical problems. Amy Winehouse (center) with father Mitch (left) and mother (right)

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