Abby McGrew, Eli Manning’s wife, disappoints with her fashion sense.


Eli Manning & Abby McGrew in the clothes they wore for the function.

Eli Manning, the Super Bowl champ, and his wife, Abby McGrew, showed up at a function in New York City wearing their best party attire.

Abby was dressed in her best cocktail dress. Fashion experts turned up their noses at her attire. They have criticized it as being too short, tight and ill fitting. It was a trivial matter but it has blown up into mega proportions as the gossip websites have picked up the issue and propagated it.

Eli Manning, the NY Giants quarterback, and his new wife Abby McGrew were criticized for being not fashionable enough for the cool Manhattan party on Tuesday night. Their formal dress attire did not score points with some people.

Source: tmz, nj.


  1. They look fine to me! Abby is a stunning woman who looks great in that dress. How pathetic it is to criticize the way they look.


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