US Senator Edward Brooke did not deny affair.


 Barbara Walters

Ex US Senator Edward Brooke, who was named by Barbara Walters as her past lover, refused to deny, admit or pass any comment on the alleged love affair.

Edward Brooke said that he would observe his policy of refraining from talking about his personal and private life. He extended this policy towards others as well. He would not talk on the personal and private lives of other people like Barbara Walters. He said that he had already revealed what he was ready to reveal in his autobiography, “Bridging the Divide: My Life.” This memoir was published in 2006.

Edward Brooke is now 88. He has never mentioned or wrote about Barbara Walters significantly. Barbara is now 78. She said that her friend knew about her affair and urged her to end it before anybody’s career got ruined.

The story on Barbara Walters first started here.

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 Senator Edward W. Brooke, 1978.       Barbara Walters & Oprah Winfrey.

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