Tornado passed Windsor, Colorado.


Today, on May 22, 2008, a big tornado wrecked Gilchrest, Colorado, about 50 miles north of Denver. The National Weather Service, NWS, had issued tornado warnings for Weld, Larimer and Boulder counties.

Windsor, a farming town with a population of 16,000, was hardest hit with heavy hail and rain. The Interstate 25 highway was closed to traffic for safety reasons.

The Weld County coroner’s office confirmed that one person was killed. The tornado damaged trees, buildings and cut electricity in Windsor. The exact cause of damage was unconfirmed. It could have been the F3, F4 or strong winds of the storm that were responsible for the damage.

The NWS mentioned that the tornado was traveling towards Fort Collins, which had a population of 130,000.

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Source: efluxmedia.


  1. Gerard loves to post on every article we have. He is negative towards just about every one of them.

    I have family fairly close to that area, thats very frightening to see the damage that caused.

  2. You jackass. Most of those places in the picture are unrecognizable. Maybe you’ve never been outside of your trailer park to see the country, but Windsor Colorado is a beautiful town with great homes and people. Of course there are trailers around, it’s a farming town. They work hard and require equipment to supply you with the food you stuff in your face every day. You should think twice before you add insult to injury so openly.


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