Tonya Harding’s confessions in The Tonya Tapes.


Tonya Harding, once a celebrated ice figure skater, has published her new book; The Tonya Tapes.She appeared in NBC’s TV show to discuss about her book. She said that the world did not know her and her book would tell her story.

Tonya fell from grace in 1994 when her then husband, Jeff Gillooly, was charged and convicted over an attack on her skating competitor, Nancy Kerrigan.Nancy was hit on her knee by a man using a metal bar. Nancy recovered and won a silver medal. Tonya finished in 8th place. Jeff was sentenced to 2 years’ jail. He and Tonya had divorced after that.

Jeff Gillooly had changed his name to Jeff Stone. He refused to comment after NBC contacted him.

Tonya alleged that her mother abused her when she performed poorly in skating. NBC contacted Mrs. Harding and she denied using physical abuse on Tonya.

After her retirement from figure skating, Tonya had tried her hand at celebrity boxing.

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Source: usatoday.

Book available at Amazon: The Tonya Tapes.



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