Tim Chapman excluded from new “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”


Duane Chapman, the star of “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, has announced that the show would have a fifth season. It would start on July 16, 2008. Tim Chapman, who shared the same surname as Duane, would be missing from the show. Tim was not related to Duane.

Tim Chapman faced a charge of terroristic threatening. Security guards at Ala Moana Center checked on him after getting reports of a man fondling himself in a pickup truck. This happened in January 2008.

Tim’s attorney said that Tim had spilled orange juice on his clothes and he was trying to change his attire in his pickup.

Duane Chapman has tried hard to reconcile himself to people who took offense at the unfortunate incidents in the past.

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Source: tmz.

Source: honoluluadvertiser.



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