The Keddie murders retold in “The Strangers.”


A new movie, “The Strangers”, will be released on May 30. This plot was loosely based on a real life triple murder story.

The murders happened at Keddie Resort, a small resort in hilly northern California. The date was April 11, 1981. It was discovered by Sheila Sharp, who had stayed overnight at a neighboring house. She returned to her holiday cabin to find 3 people killed. Her Mom Sue, brother John, 16, and his friend, Dana Wingate, 17, were murdered in the same fashion. Their hands and feet were tied, then they were stabbed and hammered. The entire cabin was splattered in blood.

Sheila Sharp’s 2 younger brothers and their friend were in a back bedroom and they were safe. Tina Sharp, a younger sister, was missing. There was damage to the walls and furniture but no one heard anything on that fateful night. The case grew cold due to lack of leads.

The movie had a plot on a holidaying couple, at a remote cabin, who was visited by 3 strangers. The strangers then proceeded to wreck the couple’s lives.

The cast included Alex Fisher, Peter Clayton-Luce, Scott Speedman, Liv Tyler, Gemma Ward, Kip Weeks, Laura Margolis, and Glenn Howerton.

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  1. The movie is ACTUALLY loosely based on the book Helter Skelter. Look up ino in regards to the makers of this movie and you will see it has nothing to so with the Keddie murder's. They say inspired, because it was INSPIRED by the Manson murders, look up your info before you post something as truth.

  2. The guy at blockbuster told me that the murders happened in Waterloo,Illinois in 2005, how he knows is beyond me, but that's only 25 minutes away from Belleville,Illinois and 10 minutes from St. Louis,MO.

  3. i think it said that if they were going to make a movie about real events they should of made it close to the truth. maybe it could of had an important impacted on the real case instead of on the theatrical portion.

  4. hoyt was the family name made up for the movie…this movie is based on the IDEA of the keddie murders, however it was not a family being attacked, but a couple.

    the keddie murders also took place in an area surrounded by other cabins, where in "the strangers" they are by themselves, all alone with no help.

    the filming of the movie, as well as the true keddie murders…were BOTH in California — however they did not state it was California, but Arizona in the movie. Check out the background on if you do not believe me.

    it is a true story. there is no evidence as to why these three people destroyed an entire family. perhaps there never will be. however im sure they enjoy the sick irony of a movie created on what they'd done years ago.

    quit questioning such a tragedy and move on with your lives….since they cannot.

  5. i think its a all a load of crap if its true,we would have heard more concrete evidence, it was a stupid movie,with bits and pieces of true stories. sick to make money off of other people tradgedies.

  6. Not a hoax.

    I am a cousin of j. Hoyt.

    The family is against this movie and has hired an online scrub service to remove their personal info. The home has since been torn down. Park in its place.

  7. The "Hoyt family murders 2005" do not exist. The phoney address points to a place near a public building in Clarksville, AR.

  8. This movie was interesting. I have seen the documentary on the Keddie Murders, and I know the man who produced it. It is great. I think he sells it for 15.00. Although probably not based on the Keddie Murders there are a lot of similarities.

  9. The main news that came on the day the post was made was on the Keddie murders. A movie reviewer made the connection between the two. There was little resemblance except for the fact that they were terrorized. A couple and a group of people had little in common. Thanks for sharing some interesting points.

  10. Wrong – this movie is not based on the Keddie Resort murders at all. Nice try though.

    While the producers claim it’s ‘inspired’ on actual events of the ‘Hoyt family’ living at ‘1801 Clark Road’ in an unnamed city in 2005, there is no information whatsoever to be found regarding any murders of any Hoyt family in 2005. It’s simply a viral campain a-la Blair Witch Project.

    Simply put, they can take any home invasion new story and spice it up to make the movie that is coming out tomorrow, then even though none of the things in the movie actually happened, they market it as ‘inspired by a true story’, despite the fact that it bears any resemblence to what actually happened.

    It’s all just a con to trick you into seeing what will probably turn out to be a mediocre movie at best.


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