SYTYCD’s Sabra Johnson continues dance career.


UPDATE: See the SYTYCD Finale Winner updated August 7, 2008, click here!.

UPDATE: See the SYTYCD Winner updated August 7, 2008 here!.

Sabra Johnson, the winner in season 3’s “So You Think You Can Dance”, (SYTYCD), has been busy after the dance competition ended.She was offered a part in Disney’s High School Musical but she rejected it.

UPDATE: See the SYTYCD Winner Updated August 7, 2008 here!.

Sabra preferred to dance and teach dancing. She started formal dance training when she was 16. She has risen to the status that she has fans and students all over the country. She has assignments at conventions and teaching studios.

Sabra had plenty of respect for other dancers. In her opinion, Jaimie Goodwin, Roderick George, Danny Tidwell, Jillian Meyers and Tony Testa were good dancers. She said that if she were to trade places and work at a different profession, she would like to become a comedian.

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