Suge Knight knocked out.


Suge Knight was at Shag nightclub in Hollywood when he started an argument with a man. He knew this man as he was seen talking with him earlier. A witness said he heard Suge demand, “I want my money!”

Suge and his entourage knocked the man down. During the fight, Suge attacked a random guy in the club and demanded his cell phone.

People outside the club entered to help break up the fight. The guy who quarreled with Suge got up and landed a punch to Suge’s face and knocked him out for about 3 minutes.

Suge’s friends took him out to a SUV. There was a woman driver in Suge’s car but she hit two cars while trying to drive away from the club so she was replaced by another driver. When Suge came to in his SUV, he immediately asked for the cell phone that he took from the stranger in the club.

Suge was brought to a hospital and the LAPD officers spoke to him. Suge refused to file a complaint.

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Main source: tmz.

Knock out pics: tmz. These are difficult to view because the large watermarks goes over the details.


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