Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter, Maria Chapman, has died.


From left to right – Mary Beth Chapman, Stevey Joy, Shaohannah, Emily, Will Franklin, Caleb, Maria Sue and Steven Chapman. Three daughters were adopted from China.

Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter, Maria Chapman, 5, was killed in a tragic car accident in their Nashville home. This happened on Tuesday. Steven Chapman is a Christian music singer.

The driver of the vehicle that struck down Maria Sue Chapman was none other than her brother. The teenaged boy did not see Maria from his driver’s seat in the SUV. Maria was sent to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center but she succumbed to her injuries.

Maria was adopted from China. She was adopted through the Chapmans’ charitable organization called Shaohannah’s Hope. This charity aimed to aid couples to adopt children.

Steven Curtis and his wife, Mary Beth, had 6 children and Maria was the youngest.

Maria Sue Chapman,


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