SDSU Drug Bust.


Around seventy five students from San Diego State University were arrested. An investigation had found some fraternity members openly selling drugs like cocaine.

Authorities seized 2 kg of cocaine, 350 Ecstasy pills, marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms, hash oil, methamphetamine, illegal prescription drugs, guns and $60,000 cash. Twenty one others were also arrested.

The local university police and federal drug agents collaborated in the investigation. They organized around 130 drug stings at different locations. San Diego State University was one of the biggest schools in the California state university system as they had 34,000 students. The huge size of the campus meant that there had to be a network of fraternities and sororities. It was a massive drug bust operation.

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Source: news.


  1. Take personal responsibility! No one makes you snort coke! You choose to do it. No one is responsible for your choices except you!!! We've all been exposed to drugs. Most of us turned them down. We're not responsible for those who didn't!!!!!


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