Scott Dixon, Emma Davies/ Emma Dixon & other married drivers.


Update! Tragic news today (October 16,2011), Dan Wheldon dies after tragic car crash in Las Vegas! Read more here!

Scott Dixon has won the prestigious 92nd Indy 500 on Sunday, May 25, 2008. This was his biggest victory since he married Emma Davies in February. Emma was sometimes referred to as Emma Davies, or by her married name, Emma Dixon.

After Scott and Emma married, his racing team mate, Dan Wheldon, also got married. Dan married Susie Behm in March. Dan and Susie had worked together since 2003. His wedding came as a surprise because on the public level, Dan had cracked jokes about single drivers and married ones. Dan said that drivers who were single drove faster than the married ones.

Vitor Meira, who won in the second place in Indy 500 2008, was also married. Vitor Meira married Adriana Schettini in March.

Helio Castroneves was engaged before but he has broken off with his fiancée. Helio won in the 4th place in Indy 500 2008.

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Source: Indystar.



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