Santa Catalina Island helicopter crash.


Santa Catalina Island.

On Saturday morning, May 24, 3 people died and 3 were injured when their helicopter crashed on an island off the South California coast.

The chopper belonged to the Island Express, a private tour company. The crash was on Santa Catalina Island, near Two Harbors. Visibility was poor during the rainy weather. The helicopter burst into flames when it crashed to the ground.

The 3 injured people were flown to hospitals in helicopters. They were in critical states and required serious treatment.

The Island Express company did not comment on the accident. An eye witness said that she saw the owner of Island Express visiting the crash site.

May the dead rest in peace.

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Source: eflux.


  1. ^^^ My friend Johnny was the co-pilot and was one of the three killed upon impact. Have some respect…



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