Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s son, Max Kennedy, backs Obama.


Max Kennedy (center) & OSU students.

Max Kennedy, 43, Robert F. Kennedy’s son, and Treat Williams, a friend and actor, visited American Dream Pizza restaurant in Oregon. They chatted with Oregon State University students on Wednesday, May 14, 2008. They were all backing Senator Barack Obama.

Max Kennedy has campaigned for Obama in Texas. He worked as an attorney before becoming a college lecturer in English and biology at Boston College. Max said that the Kennedy family was divided in political opinions. The eldest Kennedy brother, Robery F. Kennedy Jr., supported Hillary Clinton. A few other Kennedys also favoured Hillary Clinton.

Max Kennedy invited his friend, Treat Williams, to join him in the Obama campaign trail. Treat has agreed to pilot the plane for Max in the Obama campaign.

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Source: gazettetimes.



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