Remy Ma sentenced for shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph.


Remy Ma, aka Remy Smith, was sentenced to 8 years’ jail for an incident last summer in 2007. Remy and her friend, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, argued over money outside a New York City Club. Remy’s gun went off. Remy claimed that it was an accident.

Remy shed tears when her judge passed down her sentence. Eight years was a long time but she got off lightly. The maximum penalty was 25 years.

Remy had a wedding planned for the weekend but it was cancelled by the officials. Her boyfriend Papoose was going to visit her in prison but he was caught with a handcuff key. Papoose failed to smuggle it in and he was banned from the prison island Rikers. The ban would last 6 months.

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Source: dlisted.



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