R. Kelly’s sex tape scandal.


R. Kelly, 1.

Many years ago, R. Kelly, the R & B singer made a sex tape. He was involved in a three way sex session with two young girls.

One girl was 13 and another girl was 14 years old. Now, years later, he faced the music for having alleged underaged sex with two minors. His defence lawyer had one of the so called victims testify for the R. Kelly camp. The girl is now in her 20s. She would be saying that she was not the underaged girl in the sex tape.

The prosecution lawyer team has the other girl in the same sex tape on their side. This girl is also in her twenties now. She would testify that she was one of the underaged minors in the sex tape. She would also identify the other girl in the tape and say that she was also underaged at the time the sex tape was made.

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R. Kelly, 2.

Sources: suntimes, tmz.



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