Princess Beatrice’s bikini photos.


Princess Beatrice bikini pic 1.

Princess Beatrice, 19, wore her bikini on a beach holiday with Dave Clark, 25. They were on St. Barts, a Caribbean island. The couple enjoyed frolicking in the sea.

Princess Beatrice has caused a minor uproar with this set of photos because she was compared to her mother, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. Sarah was once photographed with John Bryan, a Texan man. Her toes were in his mouth. At that time, she was already separated from Prince Andrew.

Princess Beatrice has a low security risk but she had to be guarded everywhere by Scotland Yard officers. It costs $500,000 a year. She has taken the opportunity to travel as much as she could before starting her course in Goldsmiths College in London, come September 2008.

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Princess Beatrice bikini pic 2.Princess Beatrice & Dave Clark.Princess Beatrice & Dave Clark, 2.

 Princess Beatrice & Dave Clark, 3.       Princess Beatrice & Dave Clark, 4.

 Princess Beatrice & Dave Clark, 5.


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  2. the thing is when you’re like this at 19 you’re humoungus at 29,
    at 19 she should be perfect, once the belly gets pregnant it wont be like this anymore.
    already her breats sag. what happened to fresh looking young girls?

  3. She looks a lot closer to a six 16 than a 10 (following American sizes anyway).

    She's not morbidly obese, but she is rather hefty for such a young woman.

  4. Everyone should leave her alone. I don't care how big she gets, she is still gorgeous and no one with eyes and common sense can deny this. Just look at her pictures!

  5. I saw her mum on GMTV saying that Beatrice is a size 10. Im sorry but if shes so proud of her daughter being a normal size then why lie? She is not a size 10.

  6. I was updated a short while back by seeing a woman's mag photo of Beatrice at this time and place from behind (ie, a butt shot). It was not too pretty so I'll just stick to ogling the front view. There is nothing wrong with being big hipped or having a wide pelvis, in terms of birthing the kidlings it is desirable as they slip out alot easier, and this fact might be at the core of those media whores reasoning-most of them work for the mega-rich EMPAH-BUILDING-EURO-OLIGARCHS who prefer the serfs to give up on breeding and if word gets around that skinny hipped girlies are going to have long painfull labour maybe some will be put off attempting the exercise. I know all that is a bit far fetched but if anyone else has a more realistic conception of why so many media-shrills constantly love attacking normal weighted fems (meaning curvacious and NOT anorexic) be my guest at enlightening us all.

    Oh yeh, British royalty are the total pits but I don't think the Lizard-queenE's spurning of Fergie as well as the beloved Princess Di would rank these two ladies and their children (Fergies anyway) as your typical royal predators. Check out David Icke's website for some really bizarre truth on the nasty nature of our beloved royals. Believe it or not but just read it. You only have your ignorance to lose.

  7. She looks great! It's a shame that these shallow vacuous journalist with nothing of substance to say will pick on this beautiful young lady. I am the father of a little girl and i despair at this sort of influence which I will have to fight against to try to avoid her feeling that she has to be skin and bone to be beautiful.

  8. Ah karrumba, she ain’t no skinny anorexic model type, nor does she neeed to be. Like the guy above said. she’s all woman and all curves. Some like plump Rubenesque curves, some like bones jutting out and silly ‘kick-out’ walks. I’ll take the Beatrice curves any day. Gives a real man something nice to hold onto while things are getting heated. If you happen to be tuning into this Beatrice I’ve got this to say to you, don’t get any larger, but don’t go anorexic or develop the ‘celeb diseaese’ of must be skinnier at all costs, even if I look like a walking corpse. If you were really all that ‘FAT’ your belly would have hanging rolls and be much wider than it is, but one can tell your belly or waist is quite tight (though soft), giving a good overall proportion to your delectable curves. You go girl, and not on a silly fad diet just to satisfy the homonaggings of faggotty media-hos who wouldn’t know what a real woman looked like with some real meat on her bones.

  9. She is all woman in terms of her body shape,but this unfortunately means that her hips are extremely wide and her thighs are very well rounded at the top,and she has a great big bottom which would wobble a lot when she walked,and there is also the access jelly on her belly,which looks a bit wobbly and tender,absolutely no muscle there,all jelly-She is a very beautiful woman,but she does need to lose the jelly as she is honestly too fat,she is carrying too much weight on her hips,thighs,bottom and tummy


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