Paul Giunta & Giunta family in Extreme Home Makeover.


Paul DiMeo, a designer, visited Boston’s Museum of Science to search for inspiration for the handicapped-accessible remodel his team of designers did.

This remodel was done specially for Paul Giunta and Rene Giunta, from Maynard. Their Maynard home was made to be totally wheelchair-accessible for Paul. Paul DiMeo’s visit aired on Channel 5.

Paul Giunta had a car crash in March 2006. Renee Giunta had given birth to their third Giunta child hours before. Paul was driving his 2 older children to a store to buy their newborn a baby gift. The children were not injured but Paul has become confined to a wheelchair.

Residents of Maynard worked hard last autumn and winter to enable the Giuntas to appear on the “Extreme Home Makeover” show. Renee Giunta’s ex-boss, the Interlocks Salon and Day Spa, worked hard to raise funds for the Giunta family.

One of these fundraisers was a live premiere party. It was supposedly held at the Back Bay Events Center at 180 Berkeley St., Boston.

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