New development for Beauty Queen Kumari Fulbright.


Larry Bruce Hammond, 40, has agreed to testify against his co-defendants in a mitigated plea arrangement that was worked out with the prosecutors on Monday, May 12, 2008.

This was the case of Kumari Fulbright and the 3 men who were accused of aiding her to kidnap her ex-boyfriend and holding him captive in December 2007. The story was posted here. Larry Hammond has pleaded guilty to the charge of aggravated assault and would get probation or the maximum of 8.75 years in jail.

Larry’s original statement said that he did not see anyone use a weapon against Kumari’s ex-boyfriend. More specifically, the implication was that Kumari Fulbright did not use a weapon on her ex boyfriend. Kumari’s lawyer, Stephen Weiss, desired to use this statement to help Kumari.

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Source: internet news.


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