Model Cindy Margolis’ new book.


Cindy Margolis wrote a book, “Having a Baby…when the Old-Fashioned Way Isn’t Working: Hope and Help for Everyone Facing Infertility.” It chronicled her struggles to overcome her infertility and have a family.

Cindy said that she came out of the closet with her problem to share her experiences with other women. She conceived her son after going through 7 cycles of IVF treatments. It was a long and painful ordeal that taxed her physically, emotionally and financially. She had her daughters through a surrogate mother.

Cindy’s children have met the surrogate mother. They have bonded and addressed her as Auntie Shannon. Cindy spoke about the options available for getting kids and how finances were the limiting factor. These were some of the contents in Cindy’s book.

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Source: beliefnet.

Cindy’s book on Amazon: Here.



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