Mischa Barton topless in Australia photos.


Mischa Barton topless

Mischa Barton, 22, did some topless sunbathing in Australia.These latest shots showed that her thighs were suffering from cellulite deposits as they appeared dimpled.

Generally, smokers were said to get cellulite faster at a younger age than non-smokers. Mischa has always been a smoker so that could have been a contributing factor to premature cellulite ageing her thighs. Mischa was a wee bit too young to be getting fatty deposits on thighs at 22.

Mischa was staying at the Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island. Her mother Nuala accompanied her to the MTV Music Awards. Mischa was a presenter at the awards function.She also did a few press conferences but MTV was disappointed with her quiet presence.

Please click on the thumbnail to enlarge the pic. The uncensored pics are at the source.

Mischa Barton, 2.Mischa Barton, 3.

Source: DM.



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