Mike Gilbert claimed O.J. Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson.


O.J. Sipmson tried on the gloves in his trial in 1994.

Mike Gilbert, a memorabilia dealer, would be writing and publishing a new book that mentioned O.J. Simpson. Mike claimed O.J. Simpson talked about the details of what went down on the night that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were killed.

Mike Gilbert alleged that O.J. had smoked weed, consumed a sleeping pill and beer, when O.J. told him that he did not carry a wife when he visited Nicole’s apartment on June 12, 1994. He quoted O.J. as saying that Nicole had answered the door with a knife in her hand. O.J. vaguely said that if Nicole had not answered the door with the knife, she would still be alive.

Mike claimed that he helped O.J. escape from murder charges by teaching him how to bloat his hands so that they would become bigger and not fit into the Isotoners (gloves) that he was tested with.

O.J.’s lawyer discredited Mike’s claims.

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