Michelle Duggar & Jim Bob Duggar expand the Duggar family.


Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar’s Duggar family has 17 children. The Duggar kids have seven sisters and 10 brothers. The children are Joshua, 20; twins Jana and John-David, both 18; Jill, 16; Jessa, 15; Jinger, 14; Joseph, 13; Josiah, 11; Joy-Anna, 10; twins Jeremiah and Jedidiah, both nine; Jason, seven; James, six; Justin, five; Jackson, three; Johannah, two; and Jennifer, nine months old.

UPDATE: Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar welcome 20th child.

Michelle Duggar, 41, said that her 18th baby would be expected to arrive on New Year’s Day 2009. The family lived in Tontitown, north-west Arkansas. The children were all home schooled. They have a TV series with Discovery Health.

Michelle said that she faced a big challenge to think of a name that started with the letter J. All her children’s names used the letter J.

Michelle and Bob are evangelical Christians. They believed in God’s Will and would continue having children for as long as God granted it. They believed in love, respect and service to make their family a happy one.

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  1. When Jim Bob says that children were not in their radar when he and Michelle married he sure was correct apparently not even the one Michelle already had (Jemima) Having babies you take care of (the parents take care of)is your own business and perhaps Michelle's oldest child wants to be disconnected from this whole thing but to never be mentioned or have your children mentioned by their grandparents must be very hurtful!

  2. what happened to the first child Jemima? She announced she was pregnant and was not going to marry the guy..and then no more mention of her?

  3. I hate that the older kids are forced to care for the younger kids. I guess that gives her time to keep having these kids cause she is not taking care of them. What a shame.

  4. People always have to find something to complain about. I think the Duggar's are an awesome family! Michelle, you're RIGHT ON! They are not being supported by the tax payers!

  5. They are lucky but my gosh…that poor womans body! honestly though why is it such a big deal? They arent being supported by the tax payers and are wonderful parents. So more power to them

  6. With all the babies killed by their mothers via abortions in this country, and others, I'm sure the earth will continue to be just fine for a long time.

    I find the Duggars inspiring. If more people don't get busy, the descendants of families like theirs will outnumber the environmentalists! Awwwwwww.

  7. i know its absolutly insane. i want to watch the show though if i can ever figure out what its called. but at this point. theres no stopping them. i want to see how far she will take this thing!

  8. They're really not helping the plight of our planet at all. Earth is about to vomit us, and they're just helping drive us to extinction via the fact the earth may be friggin' huge but not THAT huge – that's assuming we dont nuke ourselves first.

  9. It's a blessing that God has blessed Michelle and Jim with good reproductive systems. There are thousands of men and women who can't conceive at all due to health issues, so for them to be so healthy is a blessing.

    This new baby will be so well loved and brought up knowing how much the Lord loves him or her.

    God bless you Duggar family….will be praying for you all!


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