Marche Taylor’s skimpy prom dress.


Marche Taylor, 17, was decked up for her senior prom in her best dress. The function for Madison High’s prom was held at Sugar Land Marriot in Texas. She was refused entry into the prom ball room as she was stopped in the hotel lobby.

Madison High School officials refused to allow her in because they said her dress was inappropriate. Marche had her dress custom made and she argued with her school officials. She felt she was treated unfairly. She used part of her skirt to cover up her midriff but her school officials still declined her entry. They said she was not wearing underwear.

Marche asked for her refund. The discussion was so bad that the police were called. The cops handcuffed Marche and escorted her out of the hotel lobby. The school principal was interviewed and he defended the actions of the school.

Marche was interviewed and she defended her decision to wear her prom dress.

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  1. I'd say that the attitude that caused her to be banned from the prom is a lot stupider than her.

    The police wasted their time on a teenager wearing only a mini and bra? Catch a murderer.


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