Madonna and Guy Ritchie Splitting Up?


Madonna and Guy Richie Splitting Up.

Image: WireImage

Could there be trouble in paradise? Rumors are quickly spreading that Madonna and Guy are headed for “splitsville”. For years there have been reports that their marriage was on the rocks, but it seems this time it might be true. After seven years of marriage and three children, the couple is said to be planning on a trial separation.

During the Cannes Film Festival, sources say the pair did not look like a happy couple. They reported Madonna appeared frail and pale, and that Guy looked just completely miserable. He had a grimace on his face the entire evening.

It seems the couple does not get along and argues often. Guy is said to drink quite a bit and not spend time with their children. Their children include their adopted son David Banda (two), 11-year-old Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter by dancer Carlos Leon, and their own son Rocco (seven).

Madonna reportedly has made plans to move with her children to her apartment in New York City, which overlooks Central Park. The apartment is being redone to house her children and her staff.

Let’s hope this is just a rumor and that the “voguing diva” and Ritchie can make things work. Do you think these two will end up in divorce? See more Madonna photos on the next page.

Madonna in Cannes amidst rumors of split with Guy Richie

Photo: WENN

Madonna at Cannes attending Aids Benefit

Photo: WENN



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